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Instar F.A.Q

Instar F.A.Q

Q: What is Instar?

Instar is a sub-service created by InkBlot Art LLC for creators to sell their commissions, digital downloads, memberships, and more. Supporters can subscribe to the creator and receive exclusive content. Creators can also use Instar as a tip jar system, commission service and shop for digital products. Instar will be an integration to InkBlot, a social network for creatives. It is in closed beta at this time for our supporters, backers, and Pro members.

A waitlist for non-pro members can be joined whenever we open for each wave.

Q: What and how many different payment processors does Instar allow?

We have 11 different payment processors.

Mercado Pago

Q: What kind of content does Instar Allow?

We allow SFW & NSFW Content. NSFW content will involve Adult artwork only. This includes drawings, crafts, and paints (both physical and digital).

What we don't allow is pornography which is defined to be nude images or photography of real life humans depicting adult nudity or sexual acts. Please follow our content guidelines.

Q: What are your content guidelines?

As a sub-service of InkBlot, we use the same content guidelines.

Q: Does Instar take a commission/Fee?

Yes. 4% from all sales (not tips) so that we can pay our staff and operations.

Q: Will Instar be its own Website?

Yes. During Closed Beta only. It will only be a service made to be built into InkBlot at a later time. Only Creators will need an InkBlot account to make an instar page. Supporters will NOT need an InkBlot account.

Q: Why Closed Beta?

We want to test out all the processes, get Feedback from our Community, and move towards release for InkBlot. This is our final stage for InkBlot before it goes into Public release! Once we nail this part and integrate, InkBlot will be released out of Open Beta!

Updated on: 19/12/2023

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