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📝 InkBlot Content Guidelines

InkBlot is committed to be a platform that will allow artists and art lovers the freedom of creativity, discovery, and community. We are also committed to make sure this happens safely to all parts involved, by providing an effective filtering system and a carefully written set of guidelines, written below.

Please also see our Copyright FAQ.

**Content Warning System**

The CW system is a fundamental part of how sharing artwork on the platform is structured. By default, all NSFW artworks must contain least three CWs and the proper NSFW/Gore flag under Post Options. Tags/hashtags do not count as Content Warnings, and are inputted in a different section of the page when you are submitting a new post.

If you are posting any sort of sensitive content, take some time to familiarize yourself with our Content Warning Guidelines before anything else. This gives a simplified and clear review of our CW and Filter System and how to use it.

**NSFW Content**

Please note that marking your work mature does not mean it can contain prohibited content. We also do not allow any NSFW content in Profile Pictures and Headers, as these are public and unable to be filtered at this time.

When uploading mature content, it is absolutely necessary to be familiar with our filtering system. InkBlot wishes to be a suitable platform for all artists, and for that freedom to exist, we must abide by the regulations put in place to make sure all of our userbase is having the experience they would like to have.

We believe that it is the responsibility of the creator to ensure that their work is reached by the correct audience. Artists that create content of any sensitive or mature nature are encouraged to do more than the bare minimum to protect their community, regardless of age or association.

As a rule of thumb, if you find it difficult to decide whether a specific content would be allowed, do not submit artworks containing it.

Please also check our Account Types information.

**What We Allow**

Explicit Nudity: Exposure of genitalia, breasts, and buttocks, for the pure purpose of sexual appeal or stimulation. Artistic nudity is not mature content - as long as there are no sexual themes within the submission.

Explicit Sex: Whether clothed or not, the visual or written depiction of intercourse whether penetrative or non-penetrative.

Suggestive Content: The definition of “suggestive” is suggesting *something improper or indecent; risque.* But this is subjective to the creator and/or viewer. Thus we can not explicitly say that this is NSFW but will leave this up to the creator. The content can be filtered as a precaution but we will not hold it against the creator.

Please view our Content Warning Guidelines for how to filter this kind of content. But ultimately we are leaving it up to the creator’s discretion.

Violence: Gore, graphic depictions of violence and wounds, including verbal, emotional and physical abuse.

Self-Harm: Suicidal themes, discussions of eating disorders, self-harm imagery. InkBlot allows for healthy discussion and exploration of the topic, but will remove any submissions that seem to encourage, glorify, or romanticize those themes.

Fetish Art: Art that has an intense focus on a specific fetish, even if non-sexual in nature, such as paraphilias involving objects or parts of the body that are not genitalia, such as feet, leather, inflation etc. All fetish art is NSFW art. This also includes safe and consensual art of BDSM activities and themes.

Teratophilia: Art that depicts attraction or sexual acts involving monsters. Monsters are considered to be creatures that are fantasy, essentially "not of this world". Teratophillia is NOT beastiality. Examples of creatures that are allowed under this are centaurs, minotaurs, werewolves, etc, whether bipedal or quadrupeds. The key is that the creature does not resemble a real life animal or pet, clearly a creature of fantasy.

NCA or Non-Canon Age content: We allow art containing "alternate universes" in which characters are depicted as the appropriate age for the content depicted, as long as you follow our guidelines to do so:

- Obligatory use of "NCA" within the content warnings box. Do not use any other words in place of "NCA", for proper filtering of the content. This must be capitalized.
- Acknowledgement within the submission description that these are characters whose original context have been changed.
- Transformative changes to design and clear intent. The submission must show a clear attempt to change the characters' younger design and context. We reserve the right to remove any submissions that seek to abuse this clause to sexualize children and childish imagery. We understand there are many artistic choices and styles that are subjective in nature and will influence this, and we'll be taking that into account. We will lean heavily on taking down posts which are dubious in nature.

If any of these points are not present in the submission, the post will be removed. InkBlot will also remove NCA submissions of characters who have never been shown above the age of young children, as we consider this abuse of the clause.

Make sure to review our Content Warning Guidelines before submitting this type of content.

**What We Remove**

We reserve the right to remove any content we find inappropriate or in violation of our content guidelines, as this list is not complete. Any content that could put our community at risk will be removed. We have the right to close any account or remove content without notice. Please review our Terms of Service

AI Art

We will be removing all AI generated art from InkBlot. This is regards to art/submissions created using Any AI generators.

If AI Art is part of your creative process, such as a reference or tool for inspiration, that is fine as long as it is disclosed with proper credit. But users should not upload any part of an AI generated image to their gallery, commissions, or icons, and claiming it as their own. Painting over or drawing over an AI generated image and then submitting it to the website is not allowed.

Please familiarize yourself with our Copyright Guidelines.

**We remove Sexual Content that**:

Violates Age of Consent under the Arizona State law that determines the age of consent to be 18.

Contains Sexual Violence and the glorification of it, as our definition of sexual violence is nonconsensual sex, including things such as Consensual Non-Consensual (CNC) and Dubious Consent (dub-con).

Pornography: Photos or videos of real human adults, one or more, engaging in sexual activities, explicit or non-sexual fetish content.

On the same vein, Real Person Fiction, or mature content made surrounding non-fictional figures, such as celebrities or people of notice in our world, is not allowed, even if in a media different than photos or videos.

**Any submissions that contain the following will also be removed**:

Pedophilia, beastiality, zoophilia, necrophilia, or incest.

Hateful behavior and imagery: Any promotion of hatred and discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, disability, gender, age, or sexual orientation, as well as any symbols or language associated with that content. Any content with the purpose to bully, threaten or harrass others will also be removed.

Any media that depicts real life violence to elicit an unhealthy reaction, or otherwise intentionally cause harm to the audience. This is related to real life pictures or videos of dead people, murder, suicide, etc.

Spam: Content to promote services or outside entities that are unrelated to InkBlot's goals to uplift it's community will be removed.

*Note: We will never remove content without notifying users. We will always notify you. We mention this because we are in the early stages of development so bugs do happen and thus we don't want any misunderstandings.*

Updated on: 01/03/2024

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