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Instar Creator Expectations

Instar Creator Expectations

Original and Authenticity

We take our commitment to authenticity seriously, and strive to ensure that all pages on Instar represent real people and real projects. To that end, we ask that you refrain from creating fake pages or collecting money for things that you are not actually doing. This includes creating fan pages for other people, as well as using the name, brand, or works of another person to deceive members.

Furthermore, we expect all creators to be transparent and honest about their identity and intentions. You cannot pretend to be or impersonate someone else on Instar, as this is a violation of our community guidelines. This includes using the name, brand, or works of another person to deceive patrons.

We understand that satire and comedy are important forms of artistic expression, and we welcome these subgenres on our platform. However, we will review these types of projects in a different way to ensure that they are original creations and not intended to deceive or mislead our community.

Finally, please note that Instar is not a platform for pranks or non-activity. We expect all creators to use our platform in good faith, and to uphold the values of creativity, authenticity, and transparency that make our community so special.

Mature Content and Themes

At Instar, we firmly believe in nurturing creativity, promoting discovery, and building a strong sense of community among artists and art lovers alike. In order to ensure that these values are upheld, we have implemented a comprehensive set of guidelines and an effective filtering system to guarantee a safe and positive experience for everyone involved. Our platform supports both SFW and NSFW content, with the latter being limited to adult artwork in the form of drawings, crafts, and paintings, both physical and digital.

However, it is important to note that we do not allow pornography of any kind on our platform. This includes nude images or photography of real-life humans depicting adult nudity or sexual acts, which is strictly prohibited. We are committed to maintaining a respectful and inclusive environment for all members of our community, and we expect all users to adhere to our content guidelines in order to ensure a positive experience for everyone.

Creators are expected to read and be well-versed with our Content Guidelines.

People who can’t use Instar

In short, we limit the types of media and projects that can be funded on Instar, as well as who can and cannot receive funds through Instar. After creating an Instar page, any creator caught or convicted of making credible violent threats, committing violent crimes, malicious doxing, coordinating nonviolent harm (such as fraud, money laundering, and gambling), or encouraging others to do any of these activities may be banned from using Instar.

Politicians cannot use Instar to fund their political campaigns or that of others.

Individuals who have fulfilled the terms of their sentence for past offenses may share their works on Instar. Any creator observed committing or convicted of making credible violent threats or acts, child abuse, malicious doxing, coordinating nonviolent harm (such as fraud, money laundering, and gambling), or encouraging others to do any of these activities may be banned from using Instar.

People or projects affiliated with dangerous, hateful, or violent groups, espousing their related ideologies and conspiracy theories, or using their codewords and slogans may be restricted from using Instar. Members of those groups and people who praise or support the actions of those groups may also be restricted. The groups include terrorist organizations, organized criminal groups such as drug cartels or criminal hackers, and hate organizations such as fascist, white supremacist, and white nationalist groups, anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic organizations, as well as any group dedicated to attacking LGBTQI+ people. Creators may discuss these groups in their content for educational, reporting, or debunking purposes. However, actively supporting or praising these groups or their members through content shared or funded through Instar may result in account removal. If you have questions about a group’s suitability for Instar, please reach out to Instar’s Safety & Trust team at

What we remove

We can remove any inappropriate content or content that violates our guidelines. This includes content that could harm our community. We can also delete accounts or content without warning. Please read our Terms of Service.

Regarding AI Art, we will remove all art generated by AI from Instar. This applies to any AI-generated art uploaded to user galleries, commissions, or icons, and to any AI-generated image painted over or drawn over and then submitted to the website. However, AI-generated art can be used as a reference or inspiration as long as it is properly credited.

We remove sexual content that involves non-consensual sex such as Consensual Non-Consensual (CNC) and Dubious Consent (dub-con), pornography, or real person fiction. We also remove content that involves pedophilia, beastiality, zoophilia, necrophilia, or incest, hateful behavior and imagery, media that depicts real-life violence, and spam.

We will always notify users before removing any content. This is important to note because we are still in the early stages of development and bugs may occur, so we want to avoid misunderstandings.

Abuse Behavior Guidelines

To ensure everyone's safety and wellbeing, please refrain from sharing abusive content or encouraging others to do so. We do not tolerate behavior that harasses, shames, or degrades others. This type of behavior can cause both physical and emotional harm to those affected, and will not be tolerated on our platform.

What is in violation of this policy?

Unwanted Sexual Conduct & Graphic Objectification

While fictional adult content is allowed on Instar, we prohibit unwanted sexual conduct and graphic objectification without consent. Examples of such conduct include: • sending unsolicited adult media;
• unwanted discussion of someone’s body
• soliciting sexual acts; and
• any other content that sexualizes an individual without their consent.


We take action against insults or profanity used to target others. The severity of the action depends on the context, such as severe, repetitive usage of insults or profanity where the intent is to harass or intimidate others. Note that we will review each case individually.

Mob Harassment

This is sometimes referred to as "witch hunting” or “dogpiling”. We prohibit behavior that encourages abusive behavior towards specific individuals or groups, online or offline. This includes behavior that urges others to harass or target people with abuse or harassment.

Violent Event Denial

We prohibit content that denies mass murder or other mass casualty events that have been verified, and when the content is shared with abusive context. Examples of such events include the Holocaust, school shootings, terrorist attacks, and natural disasters.


We believe that it is important to ensure that all of our Creators use their pages responsibly and ethically. This is why we have strict guidelines in place to prevent the spread of misinformation on political, medical, or historical topics. We are committed to upholding the integrity of our platform and providing accurate and reliable information to our users. By doing so, we hope to contribute to a more informed and educated society, where individuals have the tools and resources they need to make informed decisions about the world around them.


Doxing can take many forms, such as sharing private personal information like a phone number or address, or aggregating non-private information like a profile picture, real name, social media accounts, and city of residence. We also consider the context in which the information is shared, and if it appears to be for the purpose of harassment, we consider it doxing. Doxing prevents communication and discussion, and removes the potential for growth and safe disagreement.

What happens if you violate these guidelines?

Your account will be suspended with or without notice only after an internal review.

Who can report this kind or behavior?


We will review the reports in detail by our moderation team

Updated on: 19/12/2023

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