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🔞 Learn the Different Account Types

As we commit to creating a space for artists and art lovers, we realize that our community is made up of all ages with different preferences.

Because we allow NSFW and SFW content, we have placed several measures to ensure that certain age groups and audiences are not exposed to content that they shouldn't or don't want to be exposed to.

Accounts will be based on content they published and the age of its user. This can be automated or done manually. Accounts that have a maximum of 1(one) post that is labeled NSFW will be made hidden from younger users (Users that are 17 and younger) and users that have their account set to filter NSFW.

'Minor' Accounts

Mature content filter can not be turned off for users that are 17 years old or younger.

Interactions will be limited to other SFW and minor accounts. NSFW accounts or posts will not appear, list, or be made available for minor accounts. Comments, follows, or messaging will also be disabled so minors will not be able to interact with accounts that publish NSFW/ marked 18+*Default Content restrictions are as follows:*16 year olds will not be allowed to post or view any posts labeled as Gore or NSFW or interact/see 18+ accounts

17 year olds will not be allowed to post or view any NSFW or interact/see 18+ accounts. However, Gore posts can be toggled on/off and posted. 

Until these accounts have been 'aged out' NSFW and Gore can not be toggled on or off. Birthday input is LOCKED as well after initial sign up to avoid age evasion.

Please note that attempting age evasion can lead to account suspension.

🔞NSFW vs SFW Accounts

Artists that would like to publish both SFW and NSFW are encouraged to do so under one account but a second can be made to keep content separate.

Note: Any user 18+ will be able to see works from both accounts as long as the mature content filter is turned off.

We believe that it is both the Platform and the creator's responsibility that their works are consumed by the correct and appropriate audience when it comes to age groups. Users that do not want to see mature content or certain topics/subjects are welcome to use our content warning system and/or content filter.

Users must follow our Content Guidelines regardless of what account type they have.

Last updated 29 SEPT 2023

Updated on: 29/09/2023

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