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Content Warning Guidelines

4/25/2022 Update: We have updated the Content Guidelines only to include more inclusive and appropriate language in reference to body parts. Our previous examples used below were found to be uncomfortable and exclusive. Any updates to this page can be found here: Web Archive.

Filtering your work makes sure that the right audience sees your work! We are still working on our own content warnings system and trying to improve daily. But here is a quick guide that users can review to help make sure that the community and tagging system is working well together! Please review our Content Guidelines. Applying Content Warnings to your work is required if it related to or portrays any of the content that is mentioned in our Content Guidelines under 'Content that we allow'. This guide will be helpful in using the Content Warnings Box that is required when marking your content as NSFW or Gore. Please note that NSFW does not have to mean sexual content for it to be considered NSFW. Topics that are adult in nature or for a more mature audience can also be tagged NSFW.

Starting 3/15/2022 we will be requiring all creators to give at least three phrases/descriptors to their content warnings.  We ask that the creators give as many warnings or descriptors as possible but at the very least give three. This can include the subject matter, but more pointedly answer what makes the content NSFW/Gore?
For Gore: This is fairly straight forward. Please mention any extreme violence or gruesome imagery. -Excessive Blood, Severed Arm, Eye Injury, Leg Injury, Head wound, Open torso, etc.
Example: Excessive Blood with Eye injury and Violent Language

For Sexual Content: **DO NOT USE THE WORD 'NUDITY'.**
We allow artistic nudity which is deemed SFW so thus providing 'Nudity' as a CW/content warning would NOT be acceptable or make sense. Here's some examples of what you could provide:

Exposed penis, Exposed vulva, Human genitalia, Alien genitalia, Teratophilia , Fluids, Sexual Male Pin up, Sexual Nonbinary Pin up Furry Wolf Pin up, Exposed Breasts, Large insertion, Lactation, Excessive Fluids, etc. You can even include the Ship name if it is a fanart piece

Example: [Character 1 name] x [ Character 2 name], exposed Vulva & Penis Human genitalia, Sexual scene, Visible Fluids

The point is to be as descriptive as possible. We want the content warnings and tagging system to be successful for everyone.  We are requiring at least three warnings to be used for each piece marked as NSFW or Gore

Last updated on April 25, 2022

Updated on: 29/09/2023

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