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⚠️ InkBlot Content Warning Guidelines

Our Content Warning system makes sure that the right audience sees your work, and that users that do not wish to see it never come to interact with it. This is a quick
guide and will always be available for later consultation.

Please make sure you've read our Content Guidelines and that you familiarize yourself with our CW guidelines in the current page, as if we find sensitive content that is not properly filtered, we will be in contact with the creator and the submission
will be hidden until proper CWs are added.

This is your post submission page:

Quick Review:

1 - Tags/Hashtags: These are for the purpose of your post being found. It helps with discoverability, so that others seeking this content will be able to find it.

2 - Post Options: This is the box you may click to display filtering options, as well as afew other options. This contains the NSFW and Gore filter, necessary to be applied to all media that contains this sensitive content. As of right now, the filter will not show on mobile, as uploading mature content on the mobile app is not allowed. Please open the website on your device to be able to upload your content instead.

A step-by-step Tutorial can be found via our help center.

3 - Content Warnings or CWs: This is the box where you'll input your CWs - not in the tag box. Every post that is considered of a mature nature and uses. Any of our filters requires at least three content warnings. Content Warnings let the viewer know what is going on in the post before viewing it.

CW Review

While you may think there aren't enough CWs to be added, or any themes within your submission to warn others about, the CWs are there to further describe the nature of why the CW was applied. These might be simple descriptors.

Accepted Content Warnings could be:

Butt, breasts, exposed breasts, feet, hands, insertion, licking, sucking, oral, fluids, ahegao, doggystyle, pin up, torn clothes, lingerie, urine, semen, sweat, stuckage, group, couple, threesome, orgy, implied sex, swearing, blood, wounds, punching, strangling, choking, crushing, tickling, teratophilia, furry, rabbit, alien, monster, werewolf... And many more.

*You may even opt to include a ship name in the CWs* if you so wish, as that is useful for filtering just as well. There's no need to keep it to only three, and if you feel necessary, we encourage you to add as many as you find appropriate. But three will be the requirement in order to post.

We recommend you try to look at your piece and describe what is happening, specially in regards to what makes this content sensitive, and you'll find many usable CWs

Required Content Warnings:

There might be certain content is allowed that requires a specific CW when posting. This means that the content will be removed if it is missing this CW outlined below. Please review the following:

NCA or Non-Canon Age content:

- Obligatory use of "NCA" within the content warnings box. Do not use any other words in place of "NCA", for proper filtering of the content. This must be capitalized.

If this CW is not present in the submission’s CWs, the post will be removed automatically. It has been outlined in our Content Guidelines.

Unacceptable/ Inappropriate use:

DO NOT use the word "nudity" as a CW. Nudity is not by nature a sensitive theme within our guidelines, therefore this is unhelpful. Opt instead to describe the exposed body parts, as shown in the example.

Do NOT submit “funny” or “silly” CWs. This is an abuse of our CW/Filter System and your post will be under review with the possibility of removal because of such behavior.

DO NOT use the following words/terms:
“NSFW”, “Porn”, “18+”, “adult” , or “mature”

These are NOT acceptable. The filter system already deems the post Mature/NSFW by hitting the filter. This would be redundant and helps no one to use these as CWs when the post is already filtered as such.

InkBlot’s Filter System

📌 Note: Our Filter System is young, and still improving and working things out. You can feel free to give feedback on this via our feedback board so we can better improve it.

InkBlot currently has three different filters that can help all creators on our platform:

Creator’s Spoiler
NSFW filter
Gore Filter**

A breakdown of each one can be found below, while a step by step tutorial can be found here to help find where and how to enable them.

Creators Spoiler (abbreviation of CS)

The creators spoiler is for those that post something that might not fall under the NSFW filter or the Gore. We know that there is some things that fall in-between and this spoiler is here to help with that!

Common use cases:

- Very minimal blood that wouldn’t classify as Gore
- Spoiler for a TV show or manga, that just release
- Artistic Nudity (note we do not require a filter/spoiler for this but some creators might want to spoiler this to feel more comfortable)
- Eye strains (colors that can are bright)
- Phobia inducing imagery
- Suggestive Content ( please see our Content Guidelines to know how we view the line between NSFW and suggestive)

When NOT to use CS:

- Post contains Gore
- Post contains NSFW themes
- Memes/gimmicks/jokes

This would be inappropriate use of our filter system and can result in post removal or account action

Content warnings are still required when using this feature. Please refer to our Content Warning Guidelines.

NSFW Filter

📢 Note: Even one post that is filtered as NSFW will require the entire account to be marked as 18+/Adult. Please refer to our Account Types guide.

The NSFW filter is for those that post content that needs to be only seen by a mature (18 yrs or older) audience. This can include mature themes which are outlined in our Content Guidelines.

Common use cases:

- Explicit Nudity for the purpose of sexual stimulation of the viewer
- Sexual positions/scenario
- Depiction of Sex
- Mature themes (please refer and reference to our Content guidelines)
- Fetishistic content
whether explicit in nature or not, fetishes do not have to be visibly sexual or suggestive to be a fetish

When NOT to use the NSFW Filer:

- Depictions of only Gore and No NSFW themes
- Memes/gimmicks/jokes

This would be inappropriate use of our filter system and can result in post removal or account action

Content warnings are still required when using this feature. Please refer to our Content Warning Guidelines.

Gore Filter

📢 The Gore filter can only be seen by users who are 17+.

Common use cases:

- Copious or large amounts of blood depicted
- Open and obvious wounds
- Exposes bones, organs
- Body Horror

When NOT to use the Gore Filter:

- Depiction of only NSFW and no sign of Gore
- Memes/gimmicks/jokes

This would be inappropriate use of our filter system and can result in post removal or account action

Content warnings are still required when using this feature. Please refer to our Content Warning Guidelines.

Filter FAQ

Can I use more than one filter on a post?
Yes! You can use the NSFW filter and the Gore filter at the same time or the CS and the NSFW or vice versa.

Can I filter NSFW through the mobile app
NO. You must only post NSFW through the Mobile browser or Desktop Browser versions of the site.

What if I don’t know what filter to choose?
Just go with the most extreme case. Its always easier and safer for some kind of filter to be applied then none at all when you feel that there should be one.

You can reach out to our moderator team through report button on the post to ask about your own post or reach out to

Can I report a post for not using proper filters or CWs?

Updated on: 12/02/2024

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