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F.A.Q about InkBlot

What is InkBlot?

InkBlot is a social platform just for creatives and their supports or those looking to discover new works! Essentially creating a community space for other creatives and new ones to explore and grow. Although currently in ongoing development, InkBlot will have all the features you see and are familiar with from other social channelsbut all combined into one creator-friendly platform. We are working hard to create something that meets the ever-evolving needs of the modern-day artist. Creatives need to connect with each other and potential supporters alike. Without frustrating, seemingly randomized algorithms or the need to utilize multiple platforms for basic features, InkBlot will be your platform to grow, build, and discover. This is a website for art lovers, writers, artists, musicians, and all in-between!

InkBlot is a service provided by InkBlot Art LLC based in Arizona, USA.

Do you have a website or app?

We have a webapp & mobile apps (IOS/Android)

Is InkBlot Free to use?

Yes. Both Webapp & Apps. Subscriptions help keep the site running and development going!

What age do you have to be to join InkBlot?

All users must be at least 16 years old as per ourTerms of Service.

What are your Content Guidelines?

Please check ourContent Guidelines here.

InkBlot allows NSFW content how do you plan to keep this promise with the restrictions of other hosting platforms?

We will has a Webapp, IOS & Android. We will allow NSFW to appear on Android and our Webapp as we play by the rules of the hosting providers but stand firm in keeping the creativity of artists.

How do you plan to keep younger users safe?

Please see ourAccount Types Guidelinesfor more. We are committed to creating a space for all ages and preferences within the community. In short: No users under 18 will have access to NSFW.

Who is on the InkBlot / Dev Team?

Currently it is the Founder,Jay and 23 other team members that make up the staff and volunteers here at InkBlot.

Does InkBlot Allow NFTS, Crypto, or Blockchain, or A.I images?

No. Never. Its written in our Terms of Service. and Content Guidelines that it is prohibited.

How can we keep up-to-date with the project?

The officialInkBlot Twitteris our primary touchpoint. However, you can also frequent the join ourNewsletter, or follow us onInstagram.

How can I help?

Spread the word. Tag your friends, repost, whatever it may be. The more people aware of InkBlot, the better the site will be! We also have spaces for volunteer moderators which we open from time to time as the site grows.

We also have aKofiwhich you buy us a coffee orpurchase our merch on our shop to support our development or check out ourKofi/[Patreon]( monthly subscriptions to support the dev team. Our Go Pro system also supports us more directly which you can join at any time through inkblot's webapp.

Do you have a Discord?

Yes! Join here

Updated on: 03/10/2023

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