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✏️ Changing your Username

Looking to rebrand or just mistyped your username on signup?
You can change this yourself through your settings, OR send a request!
Note that users without a Pro Membership can only change their usernames themselves once every 6 months.

Changing your username yourself

Click on your account name in the bottom right to navigate to Settings.

Under General Settings, you will see an option to Verify and Update your Username.

Sending in a request for account deletion

If you'd like us to update your username for you, please reach out to us via or our helpdesk (Click on the chat bubble in the bottom right of your window!)
When contacting us, please provide the following information:
State that you are sending in a request to change your username.
Provide your CURRENT account username, account email, and your date of birth listed for your account.
Provide your preferred account username.
An agent will help with your request within a few days!

Updated on: 29/09/2023

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